What are some of the things we do?

  • We handle funds for each missionary. Contributions come to us and we forward the funds to the missionary at the end of each month, with a statement of who contributed, their address and the amounts given.
  • A tax-deductible receipt is sent to the contributors immediately so they know we received the funds, unless some service has been provided and the contribution is compensation for said service. In such case there is no deduction provided.
  • We maintain contact with the missionaries for the purpose of encouraging, making suggestions, filling in the gaps, friendship, to be a confidential shoulder to cry on, etc.
  • We visit missionaries on the field to encourage them and help in what ever way we can.

What are some of the things we don't do?

  • We do not correspond with the contributors unless they contact us first with a question or concern.
  • We don't notify the contributors of projects, needs or plans of Missionary Companion Ministries. No publications are sent to them unless requested. (Some folks want to know who we are.)

Why don't we do these things? Because we feel that to do so would create competition for the missionary dollar and could possibly deflect support that should go to the missionary. This protects the missionary and does not flood their contributors with unwanted solicitations. As a rule, we don't do newsletters for the missionaries. This they do themselves. Our thinking is that we must encourage the missionaries to maintain close, personal contact with their contributors. If we were to do the letters, the news would be second-hand and in most cases outdated.